Starting a Supplement Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you’re looking to launch any new business, it’s important to pay attention to the market and what industries are gaining in popularity. Especially during 2020, the health and wellness industry is booming. People are spending more time on social media these days, which means they’re more interested in looking their best. At the same time, a global pandemic and many people sheltering-in-place means that people have more time on their hands to achieve their fitness and wellness goals, as well as a greater incentive to get healthier and boost their immunity. If you’re looking to cash in on this increase in interest, starting your own supplements business can be a great option. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to follow if you’re truly serious about making money selling supplements.

Pick a niche and build a brand

Once you’ve decided to get into the health and wellness industry, it’s crucial that you pick a particular niche and build a brand around that niche. It’s hard to compete with major suppliers right off the bat, and picking one area of focus to start off can be a major advantage as you go to market and look to start racking up sales. Maybe you want to focus on CBD or hemp products as a way of helping people with inflammation and anxiety, or perhaps you’re looking to sell supplements aimed at pre and post-workout recovery for athletes or bodybuilders. Whatever choice you make, be sure to craft a brand that enables you to appeal to potential customers by leveraging your unique niche. Especially in an age of social media, having a distinct brand and niche can really help set you apart online.

Find a supplier you can trust

Once you’ve determined what your niche is and how your brand can help you reach more customers, you’ll need to find a supplier who can really meet your needs. If you don’t have a high-quality source of pharmaceutical-grade softgels, you’ll likely fail at attracting repeat customers. As such, it’s crucial to find a softgel manufacturing company that you can rely upon through thick and thin.

One of the most important aspects of any softgel manufacturer is communication. Don’t forget that manufacturing supplements can be incredibly complex, so having a manufacturer that is able to stay responsive and update you on changes to the industry and their production supply line. Having an account executive that you can connect to and who keeps you in the loop can be just as important to your success as helping you with research, development, and formulation. A company like Superior Supplements can deliver just this kind of service, all well helping you manage the supply chain at scale, no matter how large the number of units you need is. Best of all, as a private label manufacturer, Superior Supplements can help you regardless of your niche, whether that’s weight loss supplements, multivitamins, sports nutrition, or any other category you’re after.

Keep pushing yourself by holding yourself accountable to specific goals

As you work to build your business, it’s important to have goals, otherwise, it’s easy to find yourself stagnant or plateauing. One of the best ways to set goals is to use a specific framework, such as the OKR process, which stands for objectives and key results. This is a process that clearly sets up the goals you have and also includes measurable outcomes that will indicate success. It focuses your work on a quarterly basis so that you can ensure that your to-do list is aligned to your major goals. If you need a software solution to help you with your use of OKRs and to add analytics to your OKR process, Workboard has a great solution.

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Getting Your Vitamins and Minerals Through Diet: Best Foods to Eat to Stay Healthy

It can be frustrating and overwhelming, to know you need to maintain a healthy diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle but see at all the options of vitamins and supplements that are being offered, and not know the best choice. We live in a time where we are given ample choices, but we cannot often decipher how these choices differ from one another or how an individual option will benefit us the most.

This gap in consumer understanding not unfounded since many, if not all, dietary supplements and vitamins are not reviewed for safety nor effectiveness by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).Whether you seek supplementation or not, rest assured knowing that you can achieve the healthiest diet by just eating the correct kinds of foods, in the correct amounts, and achieve all of your daily vitamin and mineral intake needs.


The body needs a variety of what are called trace minerals and macrominerals. Minerals are compounds that are essentially found on the periodic table of elements. Some trace minerals include copper, iodine, and iron; these are only needed in small, or trace, amounts in your diet. Macrominerals are needed in larger amounts for your body to function properly and these include calcium, potassium, and sodium.

One of the most important minerals is calcium. It is involved with bone and teeth development and density, nerve conduction, and muscle contraction. We have often heard our mothers say, “Drink your milk to become big and strong”, and this phrase is supported with a lot of evidence! One of the best ways to ensure you get calcium through your diet is by eating dairy (like milk, yogurt, and cheese) and leafy green vegetables (like broccoli or kale).

Iron is also essential for our health as it helps our red blood cells bind oxygen and transport it across our body to every cell. Getting enough of this mineral is easy though because there are so many sources that it can be found in. One of the most obvious is red meat, but vegetarians fret not, because iron is also found in fruits like strawberries and watermelon, veggies like spinach and peas, as well as tofu and beans. The great thing about many of these food options is that they contain many other minerals and nutrients in them as well, so it is easy to reach your daily requirement of trace and macrominerals if you eat whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and protein sources.


Vitamins are not elemental compounds like minerals because they are made up of different compounds and organic particles. However, they play just as important of a role as minerals in your body. The 13 essential vitamins vary widely in their functions such as hair growth, reproduction, and vision.

Vitamin A is important for its role in vision, and also its lesser-known roles in bone growth and immune response. Foods that are rich in vitamin A include dairy products like cheese, fish, sweet potatoes, and carrots. A diet rich in these kinds of foods can help prevent cataracts as well as a lower lung cancer risk.


Vitamin B has many subcategories such as B2, B3, B5, etc. It can get confusing trying to keep these untangled but luckily, many foods can provide us with the variety of vitamin B (and others) that we need. Very common foods we see vitamin B’s in our meats, poultry, whole grains, avocado, and broccoli. We often get enough vitamins in our daily diet without thinking about it because healthy food choices that are not over-processed often contain nutrients we need daily.

Many resources will guide you in your journey to understanding nutritional information about the food we eat as well as what your individual needs are. However, if you prefer, you can stick to the World Health Organization’s guideline that states the average adult should eat 400g or five servings of fruits and vegetables a day to ensure a diet that is fully balanced in vitamins and minerals (without the need for supplementation).

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Pain Management: Treatment Options for Chronic Illness

One in five Americans suffers from chronic pain. Being in constant pain can make it difficult to go to work, to manage your home, or spend time with your family. There are ways to manage your pain that can make a huge difference in your daily life. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, here are ways to manage it.


Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become extremely popular for pain management and with good reason. CBD does not contain the chemical in marijuana that causes a high, so it is not psychoactive. Instead, CBD can help prevent the body from absorbing anandamide, which can contribute to feelings of pain, and can reduce inflammation in the body. Using CBD oil can be extremely effective in reducing pain management for people with a variety of conditions, from endometriosis to arthritis to multiple sclerosis. 

Due to its association with marijuana, some people often ask themselves, Is CBD legal in Colorado? It is perfectly legal to buy CBD, and these days, the product is available at many local stores. CBD oil or ointment can be easily applied to areas experiencing pain, making it perfect for pain management since you can buy and apply it yourself. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is an innovative way to manage your pain. PEMF devices administer electromagnetic waves that can help revitalize the cells that have been destroyed by injury or disease. This allows your body to help heal itself, which is an amazing thing for someone who loves natural healing. This therapy can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and improve your mobility. Even better, PEMF therapy has no reported side effects, meaning you will see only benefits. 

PEMF therapy devices for sale can provide you with amazing results. These devices are easy to use and portable. You’ll have the ability to administer your own therapy at home, controlling the time and intensity of the treatment. If you want to take charge of your own pain management and help your body heal itself, invest in a PEMF therapy device. 


Not afraid of needles? Receiving frequently pain shots might be a good option for you. Your doctor can help you figure out which shots would work best for your pain. You could get steroid injections, which can help reduce inflammation. You could also get anesthetic injections, which help numb the area of the body that is feeling pain. Injections are a great option if you want to stick with a reliable medical treatment. Your doctor can easily provide these and insurance will most likely cover the treatment. 

The downside to pain shots is that they are unpleasant and often short-lasting. Plus, you most likely won’t be able to administer the shots yourself, meaning this treatment option can also be time-consuming and require copays. 


Acupuncture has been regarded as a great way to manage pain for thousands of years. When you visit an acupuncturist, he or she will use needles to apply pressure and heat to various points of your body. This practice has been shown to help reduce chronic pain by helping the body regulate its endorphin levels. Acupuncture has become fairly common, so it should be easy to find a licensed acupuncturist in your area. Your insurance company might even cover the treatment. If you love the idea of trying a treatment that is thousands of years old, call a local acupuncturist. 

Chronic pain can make daily life a challenge, but with proper pain management, you’ll be making dinner and playing with your children in no time. Try a few different treatment options until you find the one that works best for you. Don’t be discouraged if one doesn’t work. Thankfully, there are many different ways to manage pain and you will find the one that relieves your pain. 

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